National Carer Organisations carer manifesto

The National Carer Organisations (NCOs) have released their 2024 General Election Manifesto, advocating for Scotland’s 800,000 unpaid carers.

With Scotland’s unpaid carers contributing an estimated £13.1 billion annually in unpaid care, this manifesto emphasises the need for increased support and recognition and calls on the next UK Government to take specific actions:

  • Increase funding for social care to ensure sustainability and quality local care services
  • Commit to increasing the Carer Premium and Carer Element in Universal Credit
  • Provide additional financial support to unpaid carers of State Pension age
  • Change the social security system to better support carers to remain in work
  • Build on the Carer’s Leave Act and implement paid carers leave
  • Amend the Equalities Act 2010 to include caring as the 10th protected characteristic.

These ‘asks’ aim to increase the recognition of and support for unpaid carers as equal partners in care provision and promote a more inclusive and resilient society.

With just a week until the General Election, the NCOs have also put together a few prompt questions for unpaid carers to ask if they have election canvassers at their door!

  • What is your party doing to support unpaid carers?
  •  What is your party doing for working carers and unpaid carers who want to return to the workplace?
  • How does your party plan to support unpaid carers financial to get them out of poverty?
  • What is your party doing to resource and improve social care to ensure unpaid carers can get a break from caring?

The Manifesto and background paper are available online on the Coalition of Carers for Scotland website